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PLMX202 - NonStop SQL/MX Management
This course is based on SQL/MX release 2.0 (G06.23) and addresses both SQL/MP tables and SQL/MX tables. It provides a subsystem overview and covers product installation, creating and managing database objects, and database security. It also describes the important new communications layer, MXCS, which facilitates access to SQL/MX from remote clients.

This two-day course includes 25 scripts. These are run from the OSS (UNIX-like) environment, where SQL/MX is based. The scripts permit the user to display object names, object versions, and security settings without writing complex metadata queries. The course also includes MXCI obey files to simplify the setting of default schemas, and seven TACL routines to expedite subsystem maintenance.

Extensive hands-on labs will anchor the student's classroom learning.

Course Duration: 2 days (on-site only)

NonStop system managers, database administrators, and operators, as well as programmers and any others who need an overview of SQL/MX.


  • SQL/MX Overview
  • SQL/MX and the ANSI standards
  • SQL/MX Database objects
  • SQL/MX Installation and Metadata
  • MXCI Command Interface
  • Database Object Management
  • Using OSS Scripts to manage objects
  • Reorganizing MX objects
  • Histograms
  • MX Tools
  • Database Security, GRANT and REVOKE
  • Connectivity Services
  • MXCS Architecture
  • ODBC Client components and setup

The audience should have completed NonStop Features and Fundamentals (PLI210) or be familiar with the Tandem NonStop environment, including the use of editors and general utilities. The student should be familiar with NonStop systems and understand basic relational database concepts. No knowledge of ANSI standards, SQL/MP, OSS, or UNIX is presumed.

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  • Module 1 - NonStop SQL/MX Overview
    • SQL/MX and the ANSI Standard
    • SQL/MX and SQL/MP Comparison and co-existence
    • Product components in Guardian and OSS
    • Overview of SQL/MX database objects
    • Managing the SQL/MX environment with NSM/web
    • Lab 1: Familiarization with the SQL/MX environment
  • Module 2 - Installation and Metadata
    • Installing SQL/MX and the sample databases
    • Release identifier and VPROC output
    • Metadata and how to query it
    • The SHOWLABEL command
  • Module 3 - MXCI Command Interface
    • MXCI features and commands
    • Defines in MXCI
    • DISPLAY, SET, and SHOW commands
    • SHOWSHAPE and other commands
    • MXCI-only and embedded-only commands
    • Using MXCI output in an OSH script or TACL routine
    • Lab 2: Metadata and MXCI commands
  • Module 4 - Managing Database Objects
    • Namespaces
    • Partitioning
    • Creating, altering, and dropping database objects
    • Dealing with BLOB/CLOB objects
    • Using OSS scripts to display objects names and attributes
    • Lab 3: Creating and dropping database objects
  • Module 5 - Database Maintenance
    • Reorganizing SQL/MX data
    • Using TACL routines and FUP for managing SQL/MX files
    • Using Guardian utilities for managing SQL/MX
    • The mxtool utilities: VERIFY, FIXUP, GOAWAY
    • Using MXCI and OSS utilities to manage SQL/MX
    • The mxexportddl utility
    • Lab 4: Database maintenance
  • Module 6 - Database Security
    • Review of Guardian and OSS security
    • GRANT/REVOKE security in SQL/MX
    • Using scripts to display object security settings
    • Lab 5: Database security
  • Module 7 - Connectivity Services
    • MXCS architecture
    • ODBC client components and setup
    • Managing MXCS with MXCI
    • Managing SQL server processes
    • Environment variables and MXCS users
    • Using NSM/web to manage MXCS
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