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PLP301 - Programming for Pathway
This course is for all Development and Programming personnel who need to design and develop applications running under Pathway Ò. This is an intensive 4-day, hands-on introduction to Tandem's PathwayÒ architecture. The student will be introduced to Requester/Server architecture in detail, SCOBOL Ò, the TCP Ò, server processing, and Client/Server concepts. They will have five heavy hands-on labs using all of Tandem's structured file types, SCOBOLÒscreens, and PathwayÒ configuration needs. There are also two advanced optional labs for additional learning.

Customers have the option of adding a 5th day to the course which covers Embedded SQL. This optional module addresses the topic of coding server programs with embedded SQL/MP.

Course Duration: 4 days (on-site) -OR- 5 days (on-site with optional module)

Those who will design applications, or code programs, using Pathway Ò on Tandem system(s).


  • Concept of Requester/Server and Client/Server processing
  • SCOBOL Ò coding techniques
  • COBOL Server coding techniques
  • ENSCRIBE Ò file handling
  • Using SQL/MP databases
  • Pathmon Ò configuration, Pathcom Ò use


  • PLI202 - Introduction to Tandem for Programmers or equivalent knowledge
  • Knowledge of COBOL85. This will be critical to understanding SCOBOL Ò and performing the labs adequately.

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  • Module 1 Requester/Server and Client/Server Environments:
    • Requester/Server environment description
    • Client/Server and RSC
    • OLTP application design criteria
    • The Pathway Ò environment
  • Module 2 -Basic Pathway Ò Configuration
    • Defining Pathway Ò objects
    • Defining Global and Object-specific parameters
    • Starting and Stopping Pathway
    • Monitoring Pathway and making changes
    • Installation and Configuration LAB
  • Module 3 SCOBOL Ò
    • Defining Basic Requester functions
    • Using SCOBOL Ò
    • Basic SCOBOL Ò program structure
    • Data handling in SCOBOL Ò
    • Inter-Requester communication
    • Using SCUP Ò
  • Module 4 Advanced SCOBOL
    • Advanced SCOBOL Ò concepts
    • Advanced SEND and REPLY
    • Error handling & Shadow Bytes
    • Special Registers
    • Using Overlays
    • Advanced LAB
    • Optional Lab: Overlays
  • Module 5 - Basic Server Fundamentals
    • Server functions
    • Basic Server structure
    • $RECEIVE defined and explained
    • Defining concept of context-free servers
    • Database access issues, 3-image update technique
    • Tandem's file structures
    • Using Inspect for Debugging Servers
    • Basic Server and $RECEIVE LAB
  • Module 6 Simultaneous Requester/Server Inspect Sessions
    • Using Inspect Ò
    • Inspecting Requesters
    • Inspecting Requester/Server pairs
    • Basic Requester LAB and using Inspect Ò
  • Module 7 ENSCRIBE File Handling
    • Database concepts
    • Tandem's File Structures described
    • File access instructions in COBOL
    • Using TM/MP
    • Update server LAB, using TM/MP
  • (OPTIONAL 5th CLASS DAY) Module 8 Embedding SQL/MP in the Server
    • Declarations and host variables
    • SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements
    • Declaring and using CURSORS
    • Context-free positioning
    • Handling SQL errors
    • Compiling SQL programs
    • LAB
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