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PLS202 - NonStop SQL/MPô Fundamentals
This course is an excellent and complete introduction to the NonStop SQL/MPô product. The student will learn how to use SQL/MPô to meet the practical needs of todayís organizations, how to list, modify and delete database items, and define and create databases. The student will also gain an understanding of database performance and management issues.

Extensive hands-on labs will anchor the student's classroom learning.

Course Duration: 5 days (on-site)

Those programmers and DBAs who need to learn how to create databases, develop and execute queries, and understand the performance and management implications of their work.


  • Describe a relational database including the various entities associated with this type of database.
  • Describe the NonStop architecture as it pertains to a relational database.
  • List the steps to create a relational database.
  • Format, List, Modify, and Delete the desired data items within a relational database.
  • Identify areas of concern for database performance and identify challenges within database management
  • This course includes 7 comprehensive and instructional lab exercises.


  • Ability to LOGON and LOGOFF a Tandem NonStop system.
  • Use standard utilities (EDIT/TEDIT, FUP, PERUSE, SPOOLCOM, PUP/SCF), and basic TACL commands for a user session.

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+1 972-898-3206

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  • Module 1 - Relational Database Concepts
    • Database Terms
    • Database Access
    • Queries and Reports
    • Catalogs
  • Module 2 - NonStop SQL/MPô Architecture
    • NonStop System Features
    • Interface
    • Optimizer, Compiler, and Executor
    • Parallel Activity
    • Data Protection
  • Module 3 - Simple Database Queries
    • Source for the Query
    • Restrictions
    • Query Formats
  • Module 4 - More Complex Database Queries
    • Multiple Tables
    • Joins and Unions
    • Subqueries
  • Module 5 - Views
    • Protection Views
    • Shorthand Views
  • Module 6 - Creating a Database
    • Database Objects and Heirarchy
    • Database Content and Types
    • Database Diagrams and Relationships
    • Database Commands (CREATE)
  • Module 7 - Modifying a Database
    • Insert
    • Update
    • Delete
    • Concerns
    • SQL/MPô Utilities (LOAD, COPY, DUP, CONVERT)
  • Module 8 - Report Writer
    • Select Statement Impact
    • Style and Layout Topics
    • Clauses
    • Functions
  • Module 9 - Database Performance Concerns
    • INDEX Impacts and Uses
    • Use of GROUPings
    • Use and Benefits of PARTITIONing
    • Use and Benefits of Parallel Access
    • Impact of Disk Caching
    • Statistics (DISPLAY, UPDATE)
  • Module 10 - Database Management Concerns
    • Security, AUDIT
    • Maintenance and Modifications
    • ALTER, DROP, Adding or Deleting columns
    • Removing Objects
    • SQLCI Utilities
    • System Utilities
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