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PLS203 - NonStop SQL/MPô Management
This course is an excellent and complete introduction managing the NonStop SQL/MPô product. The student will learn how to manage the SQL/MPô database arena to meet the practical needs of todayís organizations. A NonStop SQL/MP database administrator or a NonStop system manager will learn various topics that can ensure the correct configuration and management of a NonStop SQL/MP database The student will also gain an much deeper understanding of database performance and management issues.

Extensive hands-on labs will anchor the student's classroom learning.

Course Duration: 5 days (on-site)

Those DBAs and System Managers who need to learn how to create and configure databases, manage, tune and reorganize databases and their environments, and understand the performance and management implications of their work.


  • Describe and create relational databases
  • Describe the NonStop architecture as it pertains to a relational database.
  • Installation Requirements, operating under multiple versions, version control.
  • Creating, altering, deleting, renaming and backup/restoring DB objects
  • Loading, reorganizing and converting Data
  • Program compilation, recompilation, and validity
  • Database security and performance
  • Licensing, Format1 and Format 2 partitioning
  • This course includes many comprehensive and instructional lab exercises.


  • Minimum of 2 years operational experience on Tandem NonStop systems.
  • Minimum 2 years hands-on experience with NonStop SQL/MP Databases.

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+1 972-898-3206
+1 972-898-3206

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Bluff Dale, TX  76433

  • Module 1 - Relational Database Concepts
    • What makes up a Database?
    • Database Terms, Processes, Access
    • Database Catalogs, Structures and Relationships
    • Database Interfaces
  • Module 2 - Installations and Version Management
    • SQL/MP Installation Requirements
    • Verifying Version Information
    • Upgrading and Downgrading Versions
    • Supporting Mixed Versions
  • Module 3 - NonStop SQL/MP Database Objects
    • Creating, Altering and Moving Objects
    • Renaming and Deleting Objects
    • Backing Up and Restoring Objects
  • Module 4 - Working With NonStop SQL/MP Databases
    • Loading, Copying and Appending Data
    • Reorganizing and Converting Data
    • Moving Databases
    • DataLoader/MP
  • Module 5 - NonStop SQL/MP Programs (Embedded SQL)
    • Program Validity, Compilation and Recompilation
    • Name Resolution
    • Compilation Options
    • DEFINEs
    • Manipulating and Moving Programs
    • NonStop Transaction Services/MP (TS/MP) Requirements
    • Various Languages
  • Module 6 - Database Protection and Recovery
    • Security
    • TMF Considerations
    • Backup Strategies
    • Restoring Databases and Individual Objects
    • Recovery from Error Situations and Damanged Objects
  • Module 7 - Database Security
    • Security Guidelines
    • Authorization Requirements
    • Safeguard Security Product
  • Module 8 - Database Performance Concerns
    • Statistics and Tools (SQLCI, Measure, TPDC)
    • DP2 and Partitions
    • Sorts
    • Processes
    • Performance Considerations
  • Module 9 - Database Management Concerns
    • Licensing SQLCI2
    • Removing SQL/MP from a node
    • Partitions (Format 1 and 2)
    • SQLCI Utilities
    • System Utilities
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