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PLS211 - NonStop SQL/MP Concepts and Management
This course is an outstanding and complete introduction to the NonStop SQL/MP product and how to manage SQL/MP databases in a production environment.

The course combines the functions of an introduction to SQL/MP and SQL/MP Management into a concise yet very thorough 5-day course.

The student will learn how to use SQL/MP to meet the practical needs of today’s organizations, how to list, modify and delete database items; and how to define, create and modify databases. The student will learn various topics that can ensure the correct configuration and management of a NonStop SQL/MP database. The student will also gain a deeper understanding of database performance and management issues and how to use SQL-related utilities.

Eleven extensive hands-on labs will reinforce and anchor the student's classroom learning.

Course Duration: 5 days

DBAs, senior Operations staff, and System Managers who need to learn how to create and configure databases, manage, tune and reorganize databases and their environments, understand the performance and management implications of their work, and be able to competently manage their SQL/MP database environments.


  • Describe a relational database including the various entities associated with databases.
  • Describe the NonStop architecture as it pertains to relational databases.
  • List the steps to create, modify and delete a relational database.
  • Format, List, Modify, and Delete the desired data items within a relational database.
  • Understand the aspects of Program Validation and Invalidation.
  • Use SQL and System Utilities to Manage Databases.
  • Understand the requirements of Auditing, TMF and database backups and recoveries.
  • Understand the aspects of database performance and performance issues.
  • This course includes eleven comprehensive and instructional lab exercises.


  • Ability to LOGON and LOGOFF a Tandem NonStop system.
  • Use standard utilities (EDIT/TEDIT, FUP, PERUSE), and basic TACL commands for a user session.

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  • Module 1 - Relational Database Concepts
    • Database Beginnings
    • Database Terms
    • Database Access
    • Queries and Reports
    • Catalogs
  • Module 2 - NonStop SQL/MP Architecture
    • NonStop System Features
    • Interface to SQL/MP
    • Optimizer, Compiler, and Executor functions
    • Parallel Activity
    • Data Protection
    • SQL/MP Lab
  • Module 3 - Simple Database Queries
    • Source for the Query
    • SQL Column Selection, Clauses and Predicates
    • Restrictions
    • Query Formats
    • Aggregates, DISTINCT, COUNT
    • Arithmetic Expressions
    • Basic Query Lab
  • Module 4 - More Complex Database Queries
    • Multiple Tables
    • Inner Joins, Left Joins, and Unions
    • SQL's Join Strategies
    • Subqueries, Correlated and Non-Correlated
    • Join, Union and Subquery Lab
  • Module 5 - Views
    • Protection Views and Usage
    • Shorthand Views and Usages
    • Views Lab
  • Module 6 - Installation and Version Management
    • Installation Requirements
    • Installing and Initializing SQL/MP
    • Version Management, Mixed Versions
    • Upgrading or Downgrading to Another SQL/MP Version
    • Versions Lab
  • Module 7 - Creating Database Objects
    • Creating Catalogs, Indexes and Views
    • Using Constraints
    • Building a Sample Database
    • Alterning and Moving Database Objects
    • Renaming and Deleting Objects
    • Backup and Restore, Using Volume Mode
    • Database Objects Lab
  • Module 8 - SQL Utilities
    • SQL's Utilities
    • LOAD and COPY
    • RELOAD and Database Reorganization
    • Appending and Converting Data
    • Moving Databases
    • DataLoader
    • SQL Utilities Lab
  • Module 9 - Program Validation
    • What Causes Invalidation?
    • Determining Validation
    • Program Compilation Options, and Query Execution Plans
    • DEFINEs, DEFINE Guidelines, DEFINE Name Resolution
    • Similarity Checks and Auto-recompiles
    • Moving Programs
    • Program Validation Lab
  • Module 10 - Database Recovery
    • Online Recovery and Security Concerns
    • Using TMF
    • Backup and Restore Strategies
    • TMF Recoveries, Invalid TMF Dumps
    • SQL Considerations and Recoveries
    • CLEANUP Utility
    • Recovery Lab
  • Module 11 - Performance Consideration
    • Statistics and Tools
    • DP2 Features
    • Sorts
    • Partitioning
    • Parallel Queries
    • Performance Lab
  • Module 12 - Database Management Concerns
    • Maintenance, Modification and Audit Concerns
    • Altering, Adding and Dropping Objects
    • Altering, Adding and Dropping Columns
    • SQLCI and System Utilities
    • Migration and Licensing Issues
    • Removing SQL/MP
    • Management Lab
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