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PLS212 - NonStop SQL/MP Concepts and Programming
This course is an outstanding and complete introduction to the NonStop SQL/MP product and how to embed SQL/MP statmetents into COBOL85 servers.

The course combines the functions of an introduction to SQL/MP and embedding SQL/MP into servers into a concise 5-day course.

The student will learn how to use SQL/MP to meet the practical needs of today’s organizations, how to list, modify and delete database items; and how to define and create databases. The student will become strongly versed in the aspects of embedding SQL/MP into the server, how to code dynamic SQL statments, and how to use timestamp and interval datatypes.

Eight extensive hands-on labs will reinforce and anchor the student's classroom learning.

Course Duration: 5 days

Application Programmers and Analysts who need to learn how to create databases, develop and execute queries, use Report Writer, and be able to competently add queries to their programs.


  • Describe a relational database including the various entities associated with this type of database.
  • Describe the NonStop architecture as it pertains to a relational database.
  • List the steps to create a relational database.
  • Use Report Writer to format query output.
  • Format, List, Modify, and Delete the desired data items within a relational database.
  • Embed all forms of SQL/MP statments into server code.
  • This course includes eight comprehensive and instructional lab exercises.


  • Ability to LOGON and LOGOFF a Tandem NonStop system.
  • Use standard utilities (EDIT/TEDIT, FUP, PERUSE), and basic TACL commands for a user session.

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+1 972-898-3206

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  • Module 1 - Relational Database Concepts
    • Database Beginnings
    • Database Terms
    • Database Access
    • Queries and Reports
    • Catalogs
  • Module 2 - NonStop SQL/MP Architecture
    • NonStop System Features
    • Interface to SQL/MP
    • Optimizer, Compiler, and Executor functions
    • Parallel Activity
    • Data Protection
    • SQL/MP Lab
  • Module 3 - Simple Database Queries
    • Source for the Query
    • Restrictions
    • Query Formats
    • Basic Query Lab
  • Module 4 - More Complex Database Queries
    • Multiple Tables
    • Joins and Unions
    • Subqueries
    • Join, Union and Subquery Lab
  • Module 5 - Views
    • Protection Views
    • Shorthand Views
    • Views Lab
  • Module 6 - Report Writer
    • Select Statement Impact
    • Style and Layout Topics
    • Clauses
    • Functions
    • Report Writer Lab
  • Module 7 - Concepts of Embedding SQL/MP into Programs
    • Compilation Environment
    • SQLCOMP Utility and Parameters
    • Defines Names and Define Name Resolution
    • Use of EXEC SQL and END-EXEC
    • Definitions and Host Variables
    • INVOKE Directives
    • Different SQL Statement Types
    • Embedding Basic SQL Statements Lab
  • Module 8 - Basic Embedded SQL Statements
    • Standalone and Single Select Statements
    • Set Processing Concerns
    • Embedding SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE statements
    • Alternate Index Positioning, Context Free Positioning
    • NULL Values and NULL-allowed column handling
    • Locking Concepts, Locking and Error Handling
    • Basic SQL Statements Lab
  • Module 9 - Advancded Embedded SQL Statements
    • Defining and Using Cursors
    • Date and Time Variables in SQL/MP
    • Handling INTERVAL Datatypes and Time Intervals
    • Dynamic SQL, EXECUTE and EXECUTE IMMEDIATE differences
    • Use of LIKE with Host Variables
    • Advanced SQL Statements Lab
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