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PLSM201 - Managing NonStop Systems
This 5-day course is designed to provide a solid understanding of the major NonStop components, both Hardware and Software, and how to manage them. It is the next step for operations staff to prepare themselves to fully manage Tandem NonStop systems.

Those who will manage spoolers, configure devices, handle configuration of backup and restore functions, and be responsible for system uptime and performance on Tandem NonStop systems.


  • This is an intensive 5-day course with many lab exercises
  • Learn tools and features for hardware management
  • Understand the aspects of software and Pathway management
  • Learn the tools and aspects of database management
  • Learn the basics of system security
  • Learn the major system management utilties, including some OSS tools
  • Understand the basics of networking on Tandem


  • PLI201 - Introduction to Tandem for Operators -or- prior equivalent experience
  • At least 6 months operations experience on Tandem NonStop platforms

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+1 972-898-3206
+1 972-898-3206

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Bluff Dale, TX  76433

  • Module 1 - NonStop Management Basics
    • NonStop Overview
    • Description of Management Areas
  • Module 2 - NonStop Technical Library
    • Description of the NTL
    • Accessing the NTL
    • Various NTL search functions
  • Module 3 - Hardware Overview and Management
    • Describe system components, and management issues
    • Component Layout in K, S and H-series systems
    • Management tools and utilities
  • Module 4 - Software Overview and Management
    • NSK Operating System components
    • NSK Management Utilities on configuration
  • Module 5 - Application Management
    • Process descriptions and management
    • Examination of Pathway and its use
  • Module 6 - Database Management
    • Managing ENSCRIBE and SQL/MP and SQL/MX databases
    • Use and configuration of Indexes and Partitions
    • Use of TMF, RDF, AutoSync and AutoTMF
  • Module 7 - Security
    • Default Guardian security
    • Use of Safeguard
    • Network access implications of security
  • Module 8 - System Utilities
    • Further examination of PATHWAY, TMF, Spooler, and Tape Management
    • Examination of batch activities
    • System configuration using DSM/SCM, TSM and OSM
    • Use of FUP, SCF, SQLCI, MXCI
    • Event Management
    • PAK and UNPAK, and Knowledgebase
  • Module 9 - Network Management
    • Examination of Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, System Area Networks
    • Examination of EXPAND networks
    • Basics of TCP/IP
  • Module 10 - OSS Management
    • Examination of OSS management issues and tools
    • Overview of RESTORE 2.0
  • Module 11 - Performance Management
    • Learn the fundamental concepts and approaches to tuning
    • Identification of bottlenecks
    • Use of MEASURE
  • Appendix A - Use of Management TACL macros
    • Review of the TACL macros provided with the course and their use
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