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Privacy Statement
We hold information about you and your company at the highest level of confidentiality. Therefore we will never divulge your e-mail or personal information to any person or group without your specific consent.

About Us
Polaris Learning Solutions was formed in the desire to deliver true excellence in Tandem training and professional services. We use the best staff available, both in-house and adjunct, to deliver quality to your door.

The name Polaris was chosen to reflect the Guide Star. We keep our feet on the ground, but our eyes on the guiding North Star. It helps us stay focused on what we do best, yet remain well grounded in the fundamentals.

All our staff continue to work in the field. They practice what they teach, and teach what they practice. There are no Ivory Towers here. Our staff have proven themselves for many years in their fields. They are also master instructors. We only hire the very finest people, with the most experience and knowledge possible before placing them in your classrooms.

Scott Dismukes, President, has been in the IT field since 1976. He started with EDS in an IBM mainframe environment. He started coding Pathway applications in 1986, deciding then to specialize on Tandem. He started teaching for Tandem in 1990, and was one of their highest rated instructors. He was the system manager for 2 education centers. He also both moved and established new Ed Centers for Tandem. Having been raised in Venezuela, his Spanish is excellent. He has taught several Tandem courses in Spanish. His Portuguese is reasonably good, plus he can converse in French. He left Tandem to start Polaris Learning Solutions in 1998.

Our faculty also include Frank Rotering, Henry Norman, Cliff Simpson, Bill Dennis, and Mary Howell. Those names may be familiar to you! They are amongst the very finest Tandem talents around. Henry authored the GAME (Guardian Architecture Made Easy) course, Bill wrote the online Database Best Practices series, Mary was a Security RDS for Tandem in New York and now handles our Security course development. Frank wrote our Performance, OSS, RDF, and TCPIP courses. Cliff is a past-master systems manager and has written our DSM/SCM and system management courses. All of these fine people are master instructors, genuine Tandem experts, and rock-solid professionals. It is a true honor to have them aboard!

We would very much like to get to know you and your firm. We believe that knowing you, and knowing your business, will make our service delivery just that much better. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone, and let us work together to make you and your people more knowlegeable and more successful.

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