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Our Clients Are Saying...

PLP201 - Programming for Pathway
"The amount I learned this week was far & away more than I expected."

PLP202 - Pathway Administration
"The class was just excellent: it covers major aspects in Pathway Administration. Helps you understand how Pathway functions. For me personally, this class was very useful and practicable. I have already recommended my colleagues to take Polaris classes as being very efficient in terms of getting experience in Pathway Administration." A.T.

"The labs are well thought through and reinforce the concepts well. I am a computer veteran but new to Tandem. I have taken 2 Compaq/Tandem classes and was not pleased with the course quality. I was pleased with the content and delivery of this course. I like the layout of the student text - the media portion on one side and the detailed text on the other. Thanks." J.R.

PLI101 - Introduction to Tandem for Managers
"This course gave me a good understanding of the Tandem environment, and presented the concepts used in application development."

"Very Nice."

PLI201 - Introduction to Tandem for Operators
"...explained this system in a way that made it easier for me to learn. This is an excellent course." R.K.

PLI202 - Introduction to Tandem for Programmers
"The concepts communicated were done so clearly and in an easy to understand method. Scott was great, it was enjoyable getting to "meet" him and he answered my questions fully and in a timely manner."

"I really enjoyed the class. As a person with limited technical background it was the first time I have been in a technical class where some things actually made sense. Thank you!" J.K.

"Superb course. Exceeded my expectations."

TACL101 - Basic Features
"The thing I like the best is that the book is laid out in a way that I can easily go back and refresh my memory. Thanks for working with me!"

TACL201 - Intermediate Programming
"Course: The class was challenging and well structured. The labs really made you think."
"Instructor: I cannot say enough about the response to questions and labs. You folks do an outstanding job in following up with your students." S.H.

"This course was fast paced which I prefer but it also had lots of lab work so I could check that I understood the material." G.F.

"I was able to apply what I learned right away". L.T.

"I was afraid language would hurt my learning, but the materials were so good, English was not a problem" E.R. (Brazil)

"Very worthwhile course - I learned a lot. The examples and labs were extremely helpful." D.B.

"I liked the level of the labs. It made us do some of our own thinking & not just copying examples." D.G.

TACL301 - Advanced Programming
"I really enjoyed this class. The video presentations were both easy to use and easy to follow. Scott is an extremely knowledgeable instructor. His lectures are very detailed and thorough. I think his patience and concise explanations are extremely excellent! His quick response to questions make you feel like you are really in his classroom." J.M.

"I did not know what to expect but I feel like I have learned a lot...The class workbooks are excellent reference material." D.F.

"The material is useful and the labs are challenging. This has been time well spent." J.A.H.

"Good useful info! Will help streamline our jobs." L.G.

"Good presentation, using practical examples." D.Y.

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