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In-Classroom Course List

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Course Description

Introduction to Tandem
PLI101 Introduction to Tandem - Manager's Overview 1 day
PLA101 Introduction to Tandem for Auditors 1 day
PLI201 Introduction to Tandem for Operators 2 days
PLI202 Introduction to Tandem for Programmers 2 days
PLI203 Introduction to Tandem for UNIX Operators 3 days
PLI204 Introduction to Tandem for UNIX Programmers 3 days
PLI210 NonStop (Tandem) Features and Fundamentals 4 days
Operations and System Management
PLO201 Operator Essentials 5 days
PLSM201 Managing NonStop Systems 5 days
PLPERF301 Maximizing NonStop System Performance 5 days
PLRDF301 Managing the RDF Environment 3 days
PLTMF301 Managing the TMF Environment 2 days
PLDSM201 Introduction to NonStop DSM/SCM 3 days
PLCOB205 COBOL85 for NonStop 5 days
TAL Programming
PLTAL301 TAL Mastery 5 days
NonStop SQL/MPô
PLS202 NonStop/MP Fundamentals 5 days
PLS203 NonStop/MP Management 5 days
PLS204 Improving NonStop/MP Query Performance 5 days
PLS211 NonStop/MP Concepts & Management 5 days
PLS212 NonStop/MP Concepts & Programming 5 days
NonStop SQL/MX
PLMX202 NonStop SQL/MX Management 2 days
PLMX206 NonStop SQL/MX Programming 2 days
Database Best Practices Series
PLBP401 Logical Database Design Best Practices 1 day
PLBP402 Physical Database Design Best Practices 1 day
PLBP403 NonStop File Infrastructure
Making Better Database Design and Infrastructure Decisions
1 day
PLBP405 NonStop Database Best Practices - Combined Course (Discounted bundle price!) 3 days
NonStop OSS
PLOSS201 Managing the OSS Environment 3 days
PLOSS202 Advanced OSS Commands and Shell Scripting 2 days
TACL Programming
PLT101 TACL 101 - Basic Features 1 day
PLT201 TACL 201 - Basic Programming 3 days
PLT301 TACL 301 - Advanced Programming 3 days
Package Pricing:   get the 3-course set of TACL101/201/301 all at once. Includes a free TACL Cheat Sheet!
PLT401   TACL A-Z - Everything you Wanted to Know About TACL
5 days
PLP202 Pathway Administration 3 days
PLP301 Programming for Pathway 4 days
PLP302 Pathway Tuning 3 days
PLTCP101 Introduction to TCP/IP 1 day
PLTCP201 Conventional TCP/IP on Tandem NonStop® 2 days
PLTCP301 S-Series TCP/IP Features 2 days
Computer Security Products (CSP) Courses
PLAV201 AuditView 3 days

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