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PLI204 - Introduction to Tandem for UNIX Programmers
This course is available on-site or as an online, self-paced course. It is designed as a broad-based and solid introduction to the Tandem platform. We presume that the student already knows something about UNIX programming, but needs to be able to function effectively in the Tandem environment. This introduction to Tandem for UNIX Programmers covers both the K- and S-series platforms.

This course is not an introduction in how to program. This course intends to introduce Tandem to UNIX-literate programmers, not teach them how to program.

This course will present you an overview of the Tandem environment, including a very extensive lab covering the main utilities, editors, and TACL.

Course Duration: 3 days (on-site)

Those who will be programming or manage programming staff using the OSS personality on the Tandem system(s).


  • Presents Tandem Guardian to UNIX programmers, initially in UNIX terms to help learning
  • Solid introduction to the world of Tandem Himalaya
  • Concept of fault-tolerant, scalable systems
  • The impact of parallelism
  • Impact on application and program design
  • Impact on database design and implementation


  • You should have prior UNIX programming experience before taking this course.

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+1 972-898-3206
+1 972-898-3206

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  • Module 1 - The Basics
    • Why Tandem?
    • OSS and Guardian
    • The Basics Defined
    • ServerNet
  • Module 2 - Tandem Software Utilities
    • OSS gtacl Utility
    • Productivity Tools
    • TACL RUN Commands
    • PERUSE
    • EDIT and TEDIT
    • Disk Space Analysis Program (DSAP)
    • LAB
  • Module 3 - System Features
    • OSS and Guardian Naming Conventions
    • Guardian Process Identification
    • NonStop Processes
    • "I'm Alive"
    • Process Priority & the Ready List
    • Event Management System (EMS)
    • Tandem and OSS File Types
    • NonStop SQL/MP
  • Module 4 - Basic Guardian Security
    • Basic OSS and Guardian Security Models
    • System Views
    • User Logons and Identification
    • Guardian File Access Rules
    • Remote Access Rules
    • OSS/Guardian Security Cross Reference
    • File Access by Processes
    • $CMON
    • Logon Security
    • Safeguard
  • Module 5 - Transaction Protection
    • Transaction Threats
    • TM/MP Environment
    • TM/MP Capabilities
    • Online Audit Trails
    • Database Backups and Restores
    • Remote Duplicate Database Facility (RDF)
    • Control of the Transaction
  • Module 6 - Basics of Interprocess Communication
    • Online Transaction Processing
    • Monolithic vs. Multi-Process Code
    • Pathway/Tuxedo
    • Client/Server Environment
    • Web-enabled Environment
    • Multi-Process Implemented in Batch
  • Module 7 - Interprocess Implementation Examples
    • $RECEIVE
    • Basic Methodology - Code examples (COBOL & SCOBOL / C / TAL / COBOL CGI)
    • Basic Methodology - Code examples, Embedded SQL
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