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All prices are in US Dollars, and are payable in US Dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice. All quotes and agreements made prior to price changes will NOT be affected -- we will always honor the original agreement with you.

On-Site Course Delivery
In order to keep this as simple as possible, we charge a flat rate per class, plus travel and lodging expenses for the instructor. There is no student minimum, although we try to limit the maximum based on a combination of classroom capacity and the amount of time an instructor can properly devote to each student. The value in instructor-led training is in the time an instructor can spend one-on-one. A good rule of thumb is 12-16 students, with lab terminals (or workstations) for each.

Please contact us for a price quote on any of our classes you wish to arrange.

  • All prices quoted will be exclusive of actual travel and lodging expenses. If you prefer, we can determine a flat per-diem rate in lieu of actual expenses.
  • Prices are "turn-key", and include all student workbooks, class materials and course delivery in your classroom.
Course Customization
We can happily customize courses for you to reflect your industry or site-specific needs. We believe the value of using us lies in our willingness to modify the courses to fit your environment and needs. In effect, you can have customized course development with us.

Professional Services
Our professional services are billed at $135.00 per hour, with a maximum of $1,350.00 per day, plus actual travel and lodging expense. We can also determine a flat per-diem rate in lieu of actual expenses.

International Travel
There is no charge for travel time or non-teaching days, except travel and lodging expenses.

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